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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No. 69 Remarks at "A Taste of Core Sound" event on Harkers Island, 25 August 2011

On Thursday (25 Aug 2011) I spoke at a gathering of the Core Sound Waterfowl and Heritage Museum on Harkers Island. I had been asked to speak about the upcoming book about Harkers Island stories (The Education of an Island Boy). Most of what has been included thus far in this blog is intended to be included in the printed edition.

My remarks lasted for twenty-two minutes and were recorded. I read from two of the posts, including the stories of the first black man I came to know, "Mississippi" (no. 47), and of a survivor of the great hurricane of 1933, "Tom C." (no. 10). The latter was chosen in recognition of impending Hurricane Irene that would approach the Island the next evening, and actually passed directly over us early the next morning.

I have posted on YouTube several excerpts from the video, prepared for the museum by Chris Hunter. This one is the complete event, minus the beginning of Karen Amspacher's introduction. Smaller segments of the presentation are also posted.

I assume that there are at least some readers who might enjoy hearing the stories "told" in addition to seeing them in print. As might be expected, most of these stories have a somewhat different dynamic when they are spoken, especially in the vernacular and cadence in which they were first related and preserved.

Joel Hancock

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