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Thursday, September 8, 2011

N0. 67 Video of Hurricane Hazel on Harkers Island as recorded by Vernon Guthrie

Vernon Guthrie was born and raised at Harkers Island, but moved with his wife and children to Utah in the late 1950's. Before leaving he used his small Super-8 Film Camera to record hours of video on and around Harkers Island. Among his archives, shared with me by his son, Vernon Evan Guthrie, is this two minute clip shot during and immediately after Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

This copy was made from a VHS video that was recorded from the original film while projecting it onto a screen.  The voice you hear is that of Vernon narrating what is showing, but hardly audible due to the sound of the film projector in the background.

The fish houses shown are those of Henry Davis and of Alton Willis. Notice how far the water reached up the shore, the debris floating in the water, and even the home that had lost its entire top half.

If anyone recognizes any of the people, houses or stores shown, please add a comment pointing that out.

Joel Hancock
Sept 2011

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