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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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WPA workers from Harkers Island during the Great Depression
No. 1 "You'll freeze to death this winter!" (Telford Willis)
No. 2 "Have you ever been to Chicago?" (Charlie Claude Jones)
No. 3 "A mattress made of seaweed (Tom Styron)
No. 4 “Billy Hancock ‘soaks’ Sam Windsor” (c. 1870)
No. 5 "That ball was high!" (Creston “Sno’ Ball” Gaskill)
No. 6 "The closest I ever come to having a job." (Louie Hancock)
No. 7 "... if you wait until tomorrow morning, most of 'em will be gone!"
No. 8 "Prince" and the fudgesicles" (Calvin Willis)
No. 9 Ole Pa's House
No. 10 "Has there been a blow or something?" The Storm of '33
No. 11 "We didn't even get a chance to bat!" (Charlie Claude Jones)
No. 12 You ain’t gonna ‘mount to nothin’ (Charlie “Ole Pa” Hancock)
No. 13 Manus Fulcher was headed home ...
No. 14 "The sweetest sound in the whole world"
No. 15 Danny Boy Lewis, "I know twice as much as my father!"
No. 16 "... I want one so bad, I’ll take a pack of them.”
No. 17 "Mullet fishing, an old man, and World War I" (Luther Willis)
No. 18 The "Booze Yacht," a journey, and the "sweetest fumes I ever smelled."
No. 19 "Bittersweet Memories of Grade School on the Island"
No. 20 "Miss Ollie & Dr. Moore"
No. 21 "... as much as anybody else in this graveyard!"
No. 22 "What about that oak tree over there ..." (Ed Russell)
No. 23 Some unforgettable lines that may someday be forgotten ...
No. 24 The Boats that lined the Shoreline
No. 25 Horsepenning
No. 26 “All I wanted was a chance.”
No. 27 The Silver Maples are Turning (Ralph Hancock)
No. 28 “... we ain’t gonna get nowhere if you keep stopping ...” (Donald Guthrie)
No. 29 "It just weren't meant ... to see no mountains!" (Tommy Hancock)
No. 30 How Sea Scallops changed the shoreline forever
No. 31 ... disappointed at her proofs ...
No. 32 “Just look at you crowd ...” (Mary Willis)
No. 33 “They grew so fast ... they were keeping me awake at night.” (Louie Hancock)
No. 34 “Why don’t you fly somewhere before somebody shoots you?” (Cletus Rose)
No. 35 Barbershop Lessons
No. 36 Loke & Lemmis — stewed loon & tied-up chickens
No. 37 Dallas Rose "... in two hours we'll be headed out again."
No. 38 More than just a store!
No. 39 Louie Larson's unfinished story
No. 40 "Dack" and the Eggman
No. 41 "Are you now or have you ever been ...?"
No. 42 "... Wouldn't that be an unsafe movement?"
No. 43 "Somebody might see us!" Joel Hancock, Jr.
No. 44 The Dredge Boat Captain from Lennoxville who was my Grandfather
No. 45  "... something that no true waterman could do without - a skiff."
No. 46  “Lying Willie”
No. 47  Annis & Mississippi
No. 49 The Day They Started Tearing the Old House Down - Lillian Hancock Michels
No. 50 Joel Jr: "The Day I Saw Mike on the Roof"
No. 51 "I love you just as much as I love Tommy!"
No. 52 A League of Our Own (with apologies to Cindy Marshall, Tom Hanks & Gina Davis)
No. 53 A Winner’s Cup and a Loser’s Lament
No. 54 "... do you wanna cut the grass, or do you want ..."
No. 55 "The Wild Chicken"
No. 56 Thoughts On My Island Home (Joel G. Hancock, Jr.)
No. 57 (Part 1) Neighborhoods, Families, Homes & People
No. 58 (Part 2) Neighborhoods, Families, Homes & People
No. 59 (Part 3) Neighborhoods, Families, Homes & People
No. 60 Harkers Island “Cowboys” - Mike, Bill & their horses
No. 61 The "Tiny World' of Cecil Nelson
No. 62 An Island that was part of the World
No. 63 To my dear friend, Libby Jean
No. 64 Aunt Gracie's scrambled eggs
No. 65 "I've got two lists ...," My brother Mike's fishing boats
No. 66 My daddy’s very personal “GPS”
No. 67 Video of Hurricane Hazel on Harkers Island as recorded by Vernon Guthrie
No. 68 A long ago visit to the Cape
No. 69 Remarks at "A Taste of Core Sound" event on Harkers Island, 25 August 2011
No. 70 The Island “Showhouse”
No. 71 Some things are even worse than a heart attack!
No. 72 Ridin' the School Bus
No. 73 "Blind Lilly"
No. 74 “Standing on top of a Whale”
No. 75 Dr. James A. Morris, Jr., Presidential Award Winner
No. 76 "The Seasons of My Youth" by Ralph Louis Hancock, born 17 Oct 1928
No. 77 My Rooster that was a "Chicken"
No. 78 Workin’ the Wayz (or, gettin’ a boat out of the water)
No. 79 Cliff's mama at the fence
No. 80 "I didn't have a dime in my pocket, so I ..."
No. 81 "I woulda sent ya some money," or "Where have all the scallops gone?"
No. 82 Shrimp Trawling, North River, & the Politics of DST
No. 83 “Oh, it was a blowing ..."
No. 84 "Mike, Manley, Sno'ball & me"
No. 85 "kickin' for clams"
No. 86 "Pickin' Mule Hairs"
No. 87 " ... a goat in the bed with me!"
No. 88 "You can ruin a trawl with that many shrimp!"
No. 89 Wades Shore Christmas Trees
No. 90 Christmas with Kinfolks
No. 91 "No good deed goes unpunished!"
No. 92 Christmas Traditions (old and new)
No. 93 An unexpected Holiday Visitor
No. 94 "Grade School on the Island"
No. 95 The “Old Man of Red Hill”
No. 96 ... a clam shell all the way to the lighthouse!"
No. 97 The smell of salt marshes at the Banks
No. 98 Hollering for (not at) your children!
No. 99 Breakwaters, Junk Cars & Net Spreads
No 100 "Our sissy who was anything but"
No. 101 "Do you want me to build her for fishing or to go fast? "
No. 102 From Courthouse Square in Beaufort to Eisenhower Auditorium in State College
No. 103 The Tragic Story of Abram Lewis
No. 104 "Never Again!" Daddy's job in Petersburg, VA
No. 105 Harkers Island "Professionals" Part 1 "Charlie Nelson"
No. 106 Harkers Island "Professionals" Part 2 "Maxwell Willis"
No. 107 Harkers Island "Professionals" Part 3 "Raymond Guthrie"
No. 108 “Hardened Oak and Iron Nails” The Lessons of Earl Davis
No. 109 Wilson Davis, A man who hit .300
No. 110 Ronald Davis (1933-2012)
No. 111 Academy Field
No. 112 "If they fire us, they'll have to pay us right away ..."
No. 113 "Feelin' for clams"
No. 114 Why is it called Shell Point?
No. 115 It’s hog-killing weather out there!
No. 116 Roasting Conchs
No. 117 Mullet Roe
No. 118 "Where did you get that shirt you're wearing"
No. 119 Archie Fulford, "You look enough alike ..."
No. 120 In Memory of Phyllis Willis, “This Life is the Test!”