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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No. 24 The Boats that lined the Shoreline

The sound you hear in this short clip is that of Vernon Guthrie, who made this video in the mid 1950's. His voice was part of the recording process when the old 8mm film was transferred to VHS tape in the 1980's.

More than a hundred vessels used to dot the south shoreline of Harkers Island stretching eastward from Red Hill to Shell Point. This is a list of some of them. Many of the smaller boats, and even some of the larger ones did not have a name, only the "numbers" assigned by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries. This list is not exhaustive --- in fact I hope it will spur others to share the names of some of those that have been omitted.

If, indeed, "every picture tells a story," then every one of these names also tells a story of family, or friendship, and even of circumstance. A worthwhile venture might be someday to tell the story behind all, or even some of these names.

Aaron Moore & Willie Guthrie “The Ram"
Alan Guthrie "Roseanne Brian"
Andrew Guthrie “Edith"
Arthur Lewis "Violeta"
Ashton Styron “Two Brothers”
Bennie Brooks “MalBen"
Bonnie Guthrie "We Four"
Bradford Nelson “Seven Brothers"
Brady Lewis “Cool Breeze”
Calvin Willis "Barbara"
Carl Gaskill “Beatrice"
Charlie Hancock “Ralph”
Charlie Lewis “Miss Lewis”
Charlie Lewis “Rambler"
Clarence Willis “Ronnie"
Clayton Guthrie "Verona Joyce"
Dallas, Telford & Ed Rose “Rose Brothers"
Dallas Rose “Wasted Wood"
Dan Yeomans “Sara Lee”
David Lewis "Jimmy"
Donnie Lewis "Eva Martin"
Doyle & Adrian Willis “Lettie"
Duncan Willis "Sophie Ann"
Earl Johnson "Doug Blaine"
Elton Willis “Eleanor"
Fred Guthrie "Wades Shore"
Fred Lewis “Wanda Lewis”
Gray Willis “Edith Gray"
Harry Lewis “Jean Dale”
Howard Gaskill "Steve"
Ivy Gaskill “Four Sisters
James Guthrie "Miss Ann"
Joe Lane Lewis "Wades Shore"
Johnnie Lewis “Dana Kay”
Johnny Boo Willis “Rosalee”
Kelly Willis “The Pet”
Leslie Rose “Connie Marie”
Malcolm "Red" Brooks "Patches"
Mart Lewis “The Boys"
McKinley Lewis "Miss Lewis"
Raymond Guthrie “Sea Mullet"
Roosevelt Davis “Millie Dawn”
Stacy Guthrie “Old Sow"
Stacy Guthrie “Anne Clyde"
Stacy Davis “Rebecca"
Telford Willis “Francis"
Thomas Rose "Norma Lee"
Thomas Lewis “Sea Ranger”
Willie O. (Odie) Guthrie “Wanda S" & "Ethel R"

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  1. Well isn't that something!? I love Dallas Rose's "Wasted Wood." Wouldn't it be something to travel back in time and get to know a little (or a lot) more of the circumstance that you mention. I have a feeling granddaddy Charlie felt similarly of his eldest son Ralph as I do of Jackson Paul. (And of his youngest son Joel as I do of Carter Man...) No doubt, this has gotten me thinking more of Charlie Bill & Margarette this fine April day. Thanks for sharing this Pa.