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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What happened to all (most) of my pictures?

Thank you to a reader for the following note that pointed out an issue with the blog. My response and announcement is posted below.


Hi Joel,

Winter arrives early at Sheldon's Woods (17 Nov 2014)
As a Carteret County native and avid reader of your blog, The Education of an Island Boy, I was wondering what has happened to the photos that accompanied the stories? On my computer they only show up now as a circle with a slash. I hope they do return, as it helps give a good depiction of what it was like during that period. 

Thanks again for all your wonderful story telling.

S. R.

Hey S. R.,

Exposed roots of a pine tree on the shore
 at Shell Point
Thanks for the note, and especially for your interest in my blog. I had noticed the same thing a few weeks ago but as of yet had not searched to find the reason. Your question spurred me to action.
From my research it appears that the culprit is that I recently cleaned up some of the old photos that I have edited (and thus stored) using Google's Picasa photo editor. Picasa backs up all of your photos to your cloud (google drive) storage. So, when I went online and cleaned up (moved and/or deleted files) on my google drive, it removed the link that Blogspot (a google product) uses to match the photos with the blog. So as far as Google is concerned, the photos are no longer there.
Of course they are still there, but in another place (and on my local drive), so I will set out to re-attach them in the next few weeks. It may take a while but I'll eventually get it done.
But thank you for noticing and reminding me that some people really do follow and enjoy the blog. I am getting closer to putting it all together, with lots of other narratives, into the book I have planned and intended for most of my adult life.

Joel Hancock 19 Nov 2014

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