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Monday, June 24, 2013

From Post No 13 about Manus Fulcher

"Besides doing odd jobs as a carpenter on homes and boats, he (Manu Fulcher) also was a gunsmith and the neighborhood handyman for sharpening saws and knives, and especially for repairing and servicing small motors. Old mower engines were his specialty. It was said that he could fix any motor as long as it was still in one piece. My father once took an old "grass cutter" to Manus because he could not get it to "fire" and start, no matter how many times he yanked on the rope. The next time he saw Manus and asked him if he had been able to get the motor running, Manus' response was that not only did he get it started, he had to remove the wire from the spark plug "cause every time the door slammed (and jarred his back porch) the engine would start!"

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  1. I know you probably don't recall this, but back around 1980/81 I was in your 11th grade history class at East Carteret. I was also in the ICE (auto shop) class under the oversight of the master of all things motor related, Joe Williams. Your push mower had broken down and I volunteered to take it to the shop and look it over. A couple of weeks after fixing it up and sending it back home I asked you how it was working, your reply which I now completely understand was "the only problem is I have to walk by it real quiet or else it will start up on it's own!". Great memories!
    Best Wishes,
    Mike Davis