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Friday, May 27, 2011

No. 40 "Dack" and the Eggman

At Dallas' store, especially when "Dack" (Dallas Daniel) was behind the counter, neighborhood boys would gather in packs. On one memorable hot summer afternoon, as many as a dozen boys were wasting away the afternoon on the benches and in front of the window fan when we saw Dack put on a show that none of us would ever forget. One of the regular visitors at the store was the “eggman” who brought by several dozen fresh eggs each week to be resold. On this particular day there was a new eggman, perhaps subbing for the regular vendor who could not make that day's rounds. Recognizing his wares, if not his person, Dack decided to greet the newcomer in his own special way. At first he proceeded to welcome him as if everything was normal, but then, without any warning, he began to scream, “I feel one coming on me!” and a little louder each time he repeated it.

Then, in a flash he had rolled across the counter and landed laying on his back on the main floor of the store where he commenced to kicking, screaming and hollering – seemingly uncontrollably. Seconds later the eggman, leaving behind his cartons, had bolted from the store, jumped into his car, and headed toward the westard. Almost as quickly, Dack was back on his feet and behind the counter acting as nothing out of character had happened while, we who had been witness, recovered not from our fear but from our laughter. According to Dack, no one heard from that same eggman ever again.

[This one is true -- ask Larry "Jose" Guthrie.]

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  1. I assume he got the eggs for free - was that his only goal or was entertainment more his motivation - I suspect the latter.